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Our Story

In 1995, I married the love of my life, and after only three months of marriage, I became pregnant with my daughter, Chelby. We hadn't planed on having children for several years, but apparently, God had other plans for us!

I had a healthy pregnancy, with no complications during delivery. However, within just a few weeks after she was born I knew there was something different about her eyes. I had asked the pediatrician about it on several occasions, but he kept telling me that everything was fine, that she just had a lazy eye.

After much persistence, he finally referred her to a pediatric ophthalmologist when she was 3 months old. The ophthalmologist took one look at her and said, "She's blind, there's nothing I can do for her", then left the room. We took her for a second opinion and found out that she did have some useable vision, but they still didn't offer much hope.

I contacted every agency that I could find in the yellow pages that had anything to do with braille and blindness, and so the journey began. Chelby had therapist from ECI working with her several days a week and I was reading everything I could get my hands on about Braille, and blindness. I began learning Braille on my own so that I could help with her learning process. 

Because Chelby has some vision, (she can read print if it is very large and very close to her eye) she resisted Braille in the beginning, but once she realized that she could read things quicker if they were in Braille she began requesting all of her material in Braille. 

When Chelby was three, her little brother, Colton, was born, making our family complete. I couldn't ask for better children. They get along better than any brother and sister I know. Even though Colton is three years younger, he has taken on the "big brother" role, and he is always looking out for her.

Chelby is now in college and is a fluent Braille reader, and is an advocate for Braille by giving mini Braille lessons to elementary classes, and reading Braille at bookstores and the local library for story time.

I am currently the Braille transcriber for our local school district, and am still just as fascinated with Braille today as I was when I started learning it.

I wanted to produce Braille products that everyone, sighted or not, could use to raise awareness about Braille literacy. I think once again, God has a plan for me, because it all just fell into place. My hope is to increase awareness about the importance of Braille, in both the blind and the sighted community.

If you are a parent of a visually impaired child, and would like to visit with me, don't hesitate to contact me. I am by no means an expert, but I have learned a lot along the way, and am happy to share my knowledge, and experiences with you.