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Braille Clothing

Braille Clothing

All shirts are either 100%cotton or cotton blend, and the word or phrase is written in "Rhinestone Braille"
(Please note: Fitted shirts run a little small, and are only available in sizes S-XL, and the only colors for fitted shirts are hot pink, black and white)
"Kiss the cook" Apron $20 (Black with hot pink trim and Braille)
"I heart Braille" T-Shirt $20
"Braille Queen" T-Shirt $16.00 
"Feel the love" T-Shirt $16.00
"Got Braille?" T-shirt $16.00
"Reading is fun" T-shirt $16.00
"Can't touch this" T-shirt $16.00
"Naughty" T-shirt $16.00
"Teacher" T-shirt $16.00
Little girl "Princess" T-shirt $16.00

Don't see the shirt you want?

 Let us create a custom Braille shirt for you with your name or a phrase of

your choice…

 Simply make your selections below, and leave the rest to us!


Caring for your Braille Clothing:

Shirt can be washed and dried as normal (preferably inside out); however, due to the "Braille Dots" being heat set, it is not recommended that you iron directly over the Braille.


 More Coming Soon!